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About Us

about_petepointing Attuned Services was founded in April, 2003. My mission is to help you get the most performance and enjoyment from your home entertainment system. Whether you are an audio/video enthusiast or someone who’s less interested in the technical stuff, the common goal is to more fully enjoy and appreciate the art of music, movies, concerts and TV programming. My goal is the same for every customer. To listen to you, evaluate your needs and offer the best personal advice, service and customer experience that you deserve for your money. I promise that you’ll learn some cool stuff and have fun too.

I have been an audio hobbyist for nearly 40 years and have worked in retail audio and video for 15 years. I received my Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) certification for video calibration in 2002, which was the first step to becoming a professional video calibrator. More importantly, just like a good doctor or auto mechanic, it’s the hands-on practical experience and technical skills combined with the intellectual curiosity to stay informed by continual learning that differentiates the best calibrators and consultants from the rest.

When I was 14 years old, I heard my first real ‘hi-fi’ system at a friend’s home. Compared to our family’s Magnavox console, it was revelatory. I could not believe how much more alive the music sounded coming from this system – a pair of JBL speakers, a Pioneer receiver and a Dual turntable. From that moment forward, I was bitten by the ‘audio bug’ and a life long hobby and passion was born.

I had always loved music, especially live music, but hearing music played on my first component system and many others to follow fascinated me because it was like magic – from a collection of wood, metal, plastic and other materials, the sound of music emerged from composers and musicians from the distant past up to the present. This wonderful combination of technology and recorded musical history etched in vinyl was like owning a time machine and were powerful forces that combined to draw me into the world of high performance music systems or as some refer to it as ‘high-end audio’.

From the time I went to see the film classic “The Sound of Music” at the local theater, movies captured my imagination as well.  The sights and sounds of a motion picture on the big screen were and still are thrilling to me. Many years passed before I bought my first big screen TV and surround sound system. Shortly thereafter I started to explore the world of high performance video and soon found my way to the Imaging Science Foundation or ISF. I was so intrigued by the science of human vision and how it related to image reproduction that I enrolled in an ISF seminar in April, 2002. This was the genesis for starting Attuned Audio & Video Services in April, 2003.


  • Reduce Energy Costs and Protect Your Investment
  • Verify TV and Home Theater is Set-up and Operating Properly
  • Get the Best Picture and Sound Quality for Your Money

Reducing Energy Costs and Protecting Your Investment – You’ve spent a great deal of money on your new TV and home theater system. Unfortunately, like many people, you may not be fully aware that TVs and surround sound systems are not really “plug and play” devices. Furthermore, using the factory default or “showroom” TV picture mode settings for contrast (and backlight for LCD panels) uses 20% to 30% more electricity than a properly adjusted and calibrated TV. This is true for all types of displays, but especially true for larger plasma, LCD and CRT displays. For plasmas, proper break-in for the first 100 - 200 hours of use by lowering contrast extends panel life, reduces image retention and possible burn-in, which is vitally important to maintaining peak performance and longevity. Your home theater system should also be protected by a properly installed power conditioner to prevent electrical surges, particularly lightning strikes, from causing severe damage, costly repairs and inconvenience.

Verifying your TV and Home Theater is Set-up and Operating Properly – Most people have only seen their TV compared to other models in the showroom or to that of their neighbors, so how does one know if their TV is operating properly? As a certified ISF calibrator since 2002, I use sophisticated test instrumentation, calibration tools and reference DVD and Blu-ray discs along with my trained eye and ear to verify that your TV and surround sound system is set-up correctly and operating properly.

Picture and Sound Quality – From Good to the Best It Can Be! – Whether you’re watching a film or concert on DVD or your favorite TV show or sporting event, don’t you want your TV and home theater to perform at its best?  The truth is all TVs are set up at the factory to “compete” under the harsh glare of store lighting, which is vastly different from your typical family room. “Out of the box” contrast, color, brightness and sharpness settings and other picture controls are not optimized for home viewing. To get the best picture quality possible from your TV, it must be carefully calibrated in your home based on your family’s viewing preferences and specific ambient lighting conditions. Having your HDTV and home theater system properly set-up, adjusted and professionally calibrated will:

  • Reduce “active mode” energy usage by 20% to 30% and lower “standby” power usage
  • Protect your entire home theater system from electrical surges and lightning strikes
  • Improve your viewing comfort and enjoyment – easier on your eyes
  • Maximize the picture detail and resolution capability of your HDTV
  • Produce more accurate and realistic flesh tones and vibrant, lifelike colors and shades
  • Minimize motion artifacts for film, concert videos, fast-action sports and movies on TV
  • Reveal the full detail in the darkest and brightest parts of all scenes and picture levels
  • Improve depth of image and shadow detail for that “film look” and photo-realism
  • Create sound and images that reflect the true performance potential of your system

Why Should You Consider Attuned Audio & Video Services? – Unlike when you contract with a big-box store or other calibrators from out of state, with Attuned Services you’re dealing with one person and a locally owned and operated business. I’ve been involved with audio and video for over 40 years. My customers always come first and I have the test instrumentation, experience and knowledge to do the job right. I will take the time to explain what I’m doing and welcome you to be part of the fine-tuning process. It is my passion to make your home theater and music system perform at its best so you can sit back, relax and enjoy it fully.