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Consulting Services

In-Home Evaluation of Your Listening / Viewing Environment,
Home Theater System and HD video display - $75/hr


$25 of initial fee will be applied to Level 2 and above audio and/or video calibration within three months of evaluation

Evaluate your listening and viewing environment (room acoustics, ambient lighting conditions, light control, viewing positions, room colors, home theater and video equipment positioning and speaker placement). Discuss what you and your family’s viewing habits and preferences are to help determine what will best meet everyone’s needs and budget.  Use video test pattern generator along with calibration and reference DVDs and CDs to identify what should be done to improve your system’s performance and its operating ease. Explain what can be done to improve the level of comfort and enjoyment from your home theater and music system that is cost effective, simple to implement and reduces energy consumption.

  • Inspect all audio and video cables to ensure that each is in good working order and properly connected between all audio/video devices
  • Examine AC power cords to ensure they are properly grounded and check to see if any ground loops exist that cause AC hum and noise
  • Verify that all speaker wires are connected correctly for each channel, properly terminated to avoid shorts and audio signal is in phase
  • Check to make sure that internal set-up options for playback devices (DVD and Blu-ray players, Digital Cable or Satellite Set Top Boxes and TiVo PVRs) are set correctly
  • Verify that the system configuration for your surround sound receiver is compatible with your video display and program material (16x9 vs. 4x3 aspect ratios and digital vs. analog surround modes)

Perform analysis of video display using test patterns from calibration and video processing test DVDs along with video pattern generator and color analyzer to verity unit is functioning properly as well as identifying the adjustments needed to improve performance, longevity and save energy.

  • Demonstrate affects of improper picture control levels for contrast, brightness, color, tint and sharpness on picture quality
  • Show how various “picture enhancement” controls and other ‘advanced’ or ‘pro’ adjustments affect your TVs’ performance
  • Perform color decoder checks, luminance / chroma (Y/C) timing testing and color gamut measurement
  • Verify vertical and horizontal image alignment, geometry and overscan
  • Check image for resolution, corner to corner focus, panel convergence and white field uniformity
  • Use color analyzer to show how color temperature, gamma and backlight settings impact color accuracy and image quality
  • Demonstrate how energy consumption can be measured and reduced by professional calibration and proper system set-up

Most in-home evaluations take 1 to 2 hours to perform. Video display testing is best done when the room can be made as dark as possible, either through various light control measures such as blinds and drapes or performing the test during evening hours. I will always do my best to accommodate your work and home schedule. Your TV should be on for one hour before I arrive and all remote controls should be available.