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Customer Testimonials


Customers are the lifeblood of every business and one of the best measures of success is customer loyalty. When first-time clients become satisfied, repeat customers and refer other people to you, their “word of mouth” endorsement is genuine and the best form of promotion.

Please read what Attuned Services' customers have to say about their experiences, and check out our discounts and cash back rewards program.



Just a note to let you know what a great job you did on the calibration of my 60 inch Sharp LCD TV. Until you finished I was not aware what I was missing. Your attention to detail and professionalism was much appreciated. I realize that it took longer than you thought it would and I appreciate the fact that you did not skip any steps or rushed through any procedure; but instead took your time and left me with a wonderful crisp picture that made all the difference in the world.

I would recommend this service to anyone and please feel free to give my name as a reference.

Again, thank you for a job well done.


Bloomfield, CT


Pete, it was a pleasure having you in my home. Your professionalism and courtesy was outstanding! Pete calibrated my TV to suit my needs. Having vision problems, I explained my needs for how I needed the picture to look and Pete listened and understood me perfectly. With conversation and a little hands-on work from myself and Pete’s knowledge, all my needs were meet for me.

What impressed me about Pete was his honesty and integrity. Pete your personality truly shines thru your work. It was a pleasure working with you. When people come over and comment on the picture quality I always say "Pete did it"’

Thank you!


Farmington CT


“I used Attuned Services earlier this year to assist me in both purchasing and calibrating my new HDTV. I can’t say enough about how pleased we were with Pete Nelsen, his professionalism and attention to detail. His help in selecting the right TV for us was invaluable given the confusing and often contradictory information on the internet and the lack of expertise at most stores. The calibration of the TV was top notch. I can’t imagine a more thorough calibration. And don’t let anyone tell you differently, it makes a big difference. My whole family loves our new 55 inch TV and it’s all because of Attuned Services”!


Cheshire, CT

"If you're about to spend your hard-earned cash on a new HDTV, you really should include professional calibration in your plans.  The out-of-the-box, factory settings just are not what you want to look at long term.  And if you're thinking that you can do it by playing some generic DVD, think again.  Doesn't work.  You need a professional calibration service, and you should look no further than Pete Nelsen and Attuned Services.  I hired Pete to calibrate my new Panny plasma, and I can't say enough about his knowledge, professionalism and diligence in doing the job correctly.  He literally "bonds" with your TV, and coaxes the very best picture possible from it.  I could not be happier with the job Pete did, and I know my set is happier too.  A small price to pay for the peace-of-mind you get from knowing you hired the best there is."


Torrington, CT

"Pete spent a lot of time explaining in detail what he was doing while calibrating my display. Getting a professional calibration made a big difference in picture quality, also much easier on the eyes. He also patiently configured my Marantz reciever until the sound was dialed in just right. And since the calibration I've had several people tell me this is the best picture they've seen on a plasma set."

Manchester, CT

“The range of service and support provided to me were astonishing! Even one year later I have no need to readjust the settings that Pete initially determined were optimal for my system. In effect, Pete made my excellent system even more extraordinary."

Hartford, CT

“I had the pleasure of working with Peter Nelsen, and it is through this professional affiliation that I learned of the services he provides through his Attuned Services business. I had recently purchased a big screen Toshiba HD TV and Peter explained to me that these products “out of the box” are not tuned to operate at peak performance.
I engaged Peter to make my TV shine. And he did just that.

The extraordinary thing about this experience was witnessing Peter’s quest for perfection. He was not going to settle for “good enough”. Using what appeared to be state-of-the-art equipment Peter painstakingly made adjustment after adjustment to get the final product spot on. Watching his focus and intensity in the practice of his craft was impressive. Peter explained everything he was doing so that I could understand it while developing an appreciation for how my Toshiba investment functions.

In addition to making the TV sing with visual delight Peter exercised the same level of artistry in tuning my surround sound audio system so that, at the end of the day, I had an entertainment experience that was unlike anything I had previously enjoyed with components that I owned.

Based on both my professional and personal relationship with Peter Nelsen it is my absolute and unconditional belief that he is an individual of immense integrity and honor. One would need to look long and hard to find someone with a stronger work ethic who strives for perfection with more vigor. Peter is someone who I regard and recommend highly."

South Windsor, CT

"When I first had Peter come out and tune my TV (an older 55" Mitsubishi rear projection) I was skeptical on what an ISF job could do and if it was worth the money. Well let me tell you, Peter was able to save my old settings, as well as the new ones and flip between the two. It was like lifting a hazy cover off of the front of my set. The blacks were deep, the color popped, and all the jaggies were gone. Since then Peter has tuned my new 46" LCD and will be doing my latest 67" DLP. I would highly recommend Attuned Services for all of your A/V needs."

Glastonbury, CT

“I’ve dealt with other ISF calibrators and Peter Nelsen is my favorite. He truly went the extra mile with my calibration that I have not seen before in other calibrators, who quickly do their ISF calibration and leave. Peter spent A LOT more time with me and my setup, explaining to me what he was doing and why. Home theater is my hobby, and as I continue to purchase a new TV every year Peter Nelsen will be the only ISF calibrator touching my HIGH END gear! Thanks Peter!”

Cromwell, CT

“I can’t say enough good things about Pete and his talents as a professional calibrator. He completely changed the picture quality of my set. The improvement to the digital cable, hi-def channels, and dvd movies was nothing short of amazing! I really enjoyed watching Pete do his thing and use all of his high-end gear. His knowledge in this field is nothing short of spectacular. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. Thanks again, Pete!”

Marlborough, CT

“Thanks so much for calibrating my "old" Sony 32" Trinitron TV. I had no idea how amazing the picture quality could be on this set. I thought it was good when I got it but since you adjusted it the picture now competes with any current model I've seen short of an HD set with a quality HD signal. Your care and concern was greatly appreciated as was your attention to detail and your desire to have the set look the best that it could.”

Rutland, VT

“I can't tell how much of a pleasure it was meeting with you and having you calibrate my Pioneer Elite plasma. My wife and I thought we had excellent picture quality before you were here but since your calibration we have seen a tremendous improvement. We could not have imagined that a calibration would make such a positive difference. My son Don and I also appreciated all of the information and pointers you provided about your work as you were doing it. It made it easy for us to follow the progress you were making. It also gave us confidence that you were knowledgeable about my Pioneer, understood how to use and interpret the software product you had for calibration and that you understood the concepts needed to do a top notch job. We found your advise about lighting and color temperature also very valuable to help finalize my theatre set up.

What more can I say then you did a professional job, had quality software and calibration devices and made us comfortable with your work.

Thanks again and be sure we'll contact you when we need a calibration done again.”

Manchester, CT

“I am the type of person that does not like to recommend people. After all if they do not live up to someone else expectations it may come back to haunt you. So if I recommend someone they have to be pretty special. Pete Nelsen is that special person. Pete worked on my first HDTV in 2003.  In 2009 I purchased a new HDTV and called Pete once again to calibrate my new Plasma. My new Plasma looks amazing. All thanks goes to Pete. If you want your new HDTV to look is best call on Pete.”

Manchester, CT

“We recently had Pete Nelsen of Attuned Services, install a surround sound system in our home. We were very impressed with his expertise in calibrating our large screen LCD TV and sound system. It assures us of the best picture and sound for our environment. Our room is open and our entertainment center is visible from other parts of the house and our concern was the aesthetics as well as performance. Pete took the time and researched to find the perfect speakers to satify us and to still achieve amazing sound. He is patient and thorough and he truly cares about his customer’s satisfaction. He is a true professional at every level and he will work to be sure that perfection is the ultimate result.

We highly recommend Pete Nelsen of Attuned Services.”

Bob & Joanne
Broad Brook, CT